Welcome to my website.

I have 3 passions: photography, giving children an optimal start in life, and how to be or become a happy dyslexic. I did extensive research and gained insights that I want to share with you and hope they are useful to you too. The last 2 have their own website. Photography will come next.

Giving Children an Optimal Start in Life

A learning expedition on how to most effectively raise children into happy adults.
It’s everyone’s desire to be happy and to have happy children who are doing well throughout their life.

Happy Dyslexic

The purpose of this site is to help dyslexics achieve their potential and be happy. We can contribute to this by bringing more understanding and a positive view on dyslexia, and ways on how to overcome the disadvantages of dyslexia.

Here you will find a few tips and suggestions for your journey on “how to test for dyslexia” and “how to overcome dyslexia” or “how to reach your potential”.