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Software program ReadOn

It’s a comprehensive learning tool (software program), designed to assist people of all ages or reading level to overcome reading problems associated with dyslexia.
You can buy ReadOn for $ 218 online at the Davis Dyslexia Association


It’s a great tool to complement the Davis reading strategies, including Davis Spell-Reading, Sweep-Sweep-Spell, and Davis Symbol Mastery.

Age: There are experience with children as young as 7 using the software. The starting age depends on the comfort level of both child and parent/teacher in working with computer software.


  • Increases willingness to read;
  • Improves reading ability;
  • Boost self-esteem;
  • Helps to build the whole word visual recognition skills;
  • Helps by the comprehension of words and text;
  • Helps to focus on the current word, phrase or paragraph, rather than being distracted by all the other text on the page;
  • Allows the student to experience reading with a minimal of supervision and support;
  • Helps teachers to strengthen the reading skills of all young learners (including dyslexic students) in a computer lab environment;
  • Useful to parents who want an interactive learning tool to improve and monitor their child’s reading skills;
  • Useful to follow-up individual progress;
  • Easy to customize each student’s needs.


  • Is configurable, and a multi-user software program;
  • Can be customized to suit any reading or interest level, by entering text that is appropriate for the individual user;
  • Can be customized, and those settings can be saved for later use;
  • Personalized settings and individual progress are recorded on an ongoing basis;
  • Word, phrase and paragraph are highlighted to remove any distraction from the surrounding text while reading;
  • Can be customized to read words, phrases or paragraphs out loud;
  • Each letter of a word is named and highlighted, before the whole word is read;
  • Voice pitch, speed and volume can all be adjusted.

You can buy ReadOn for $218  online at the Davis Dyslexia Association.

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